Silicon-Nitrid (Si3N4) ceramics

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Silicon nitride is a material with excellent specific strengths and very good thermal shock resistance up to application temperatures of 1.600 °C. The low thermal expansion in combination with high stiffness, strength and fracture toughness qualifies the material especially for applications where abrasion is a major problem. Typical applications are parts for mining, milling, mixing and oil and gas industry, automotive industry and gas turbines.

These materials are used for

  • Hot and glow plugs in diesel engines
  • Molding mold parts (hot forging molds, various molds)
  • Casting parts (low pressure castings, various metal melting furnace equipments)
  • Die casting machine parts (plungers, sleeves, goosenecks)
  • Welding machine parts (guide pin for resistance welding, guide roll for steel pipe weldings)
  • Crusher parts (classifiers, airflow type crushers, beads mills)
  • Wear resistant parts (wire drawing machine guide rollers, motor shafts, bearings, fishing line yarn paths, wire drawing capstans)
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts (stage parts, linear motors parts)