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For 20 years, the Auras group has been a definitive operator of the Hungarian refractory distribution and design market, as well as establishing a wide-ranging presence in the European Union over the past 10 years.

During the many year-long history of the corporate group, it has achieved an exceptional degree of success in the field of refractory materials. In 2008, the German subsidiary of Auras Ltd. was created, which allowed for an even greater international expansion. Apart from its Hungarian presence, the corporate group took part in German, Slovakian, Romanian and Turkish projects, both in the field of refractory distribution and installation.

In 2015, the corporate group was supplemented by Samott Ltd. which has been a key player in the Hungarian refractory design industry for nearly 20 years. Thanks to the acquisition, it has become possible to provide clients with an even more professional, wider range of services, as well as conducting full-scale design projects.

Thanks to their high level of expertise, the experts of the Auras group are able to find the most modern and effective solutions to the most diverse needs of their clients. All the co-workers of the group are dedicated to a high level of quality, and thus in all cases it is of primary importance to find a refractory walling solution which best suits the needs of the clients and which allows for an economic operation with its extended life-span. Subsequent to its installation, they monitor fatigue and client observations through the entire lifecycle of the product and if necessary, provide suggestions for possible interim maintenance and quality development.

The Auras corporate group considers the achievement of the complete satisfaction of its clients and partners to be of exceptional importance. Thanks to its wide range experience of the refractories market, it is capable of dealing with any new requirements. All members of the corporate group produce only the highest quality and represent the most modern solutions adapted to the needs of the clients both in the fields of refractory materials and installation work.

The corporate group endeavors to make its name synonymous with its three main fundamental values: reliability, flexibility and innovation.