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Coreless induction furnaces

Our manufacturers include the world’s leading foundry refractories supplier. Its unique Swedish base material provides an over 50-year benchmark in relation to the walling materials of coreless induction furnaces. We offer all types of dry vibro masses: acidic, neutral, basal. Our wide range of dry vibro masses have been used for over 40 years in induction furnaces for the melting of steel, iron and copper. The basal product range allows for the melting of steel alloys and high manganese content steel, particularly under continuous charge. We offer a separate product range for the melting of copper and copper alloys.

Cored melting, holding and founding furnaces

As a result of a close cooperation with furnace manufacturing firms and foundries, we have been able to develop a wide range of quality materials and solutions for foundries. The refractory linings are suitable for application in sections with even the highest degree of usage. We offer both neutral and basal materials for inductors.

Cupola furnaces

Thanks to our market-leading manufacturer, we provide top quality materials for long, medium and short cupola campaign furnaces. Lining materials offer a number of benefits for users:

Increased lifespan of walling
Reduced produced loss
Effective and productive lining materials
Reduced maintenance time
Lower energy consumption
Exceptionally good repair and walling methods

At the same time, however, ladles play an important role in all foundries. When selecting the refractory lining materials for all possible types of ladles, we take a great deal of care in order to reduce heat loss and the amount of energy used for production.


Ladles can be clad with concrete fire-clay bricks, or basal bricks, depending on the field of application.