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ALUMINUM INDUSTRY /aluminum repulsion products/

The manufacturers of the products we distribute play leading roles in the development of aluminum industry materials. We offer concrete, bricks and supplementary products for the lining of all types of furnaces, funnels and ladles.

The benefits of using monolithic lining materials in aluminum furnaces include:

a significantly lower amount of grout compared to brick-based designs
flexibly malleable furnace geometry
partial repairs are possible
easier to clean since bricks cannot be removed due to the compact nature of concretes and their non-moistening effect
the lining has a significantly lower moistening effect
a lower tendency for corundum formation compared to brick-based designs
lower maintenance costs thanks to the longer lifespan of the refractory lining
better quality aluminum alloys since Silicon will not become loosened in the bonding phase

Monolithic products:

LC and MC concretes, where the lining borders on aluminum
(internal surface of the lining)
insulating concretes and safety layer concrete
(similarly Aluminum repellent)
dry masses (induction furnaces)
plastic masses (induction furnaces, burners, patching masses)
special masses for various applications: SiC and SiO2 based concretes
(furnace throat, and other fields which require high thermal shock resistance)

Fields of application:

aluminum melting furnace (Images 1-2)
shaft-type melting and holding furnaces (Images 3-4, for example, ZPF-Therm, Striko, Stotek, etc.)
low-pressure founding furnaces (Image 5, for example, Westomat, Stotek)
induction furnaces (Image 6, for example, Junker, Induktoterm)
cored induction furnace (Image 7)
ladles, public traffic shipment ladles, cores (Image 8)
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