Thanks to the developmental work over the past 30 years our partners offer a wide range of products which live up to the demands of the refractory needs of the cement industry.

Our range of products include:

LC- low cement concrete – exceptional stability, high durability and corrosion resistance
ULC- ultra low cement concrete – lowest porosity, superb mechanical durability, resistance to the alkali formation
self-consolidating concrete – allows for application in thin layers and hard to access spots, retaining the qualities of LC and ULC concretes
gritting concrete, masses – low processing loss, even homogeneity
compressed concrete – high workability and well cured combined with good solidity and thermal shock resistance
Special silicon carbide-enriched LC and ULC concrete – resistance to alkali-related corrosion, minimizing or eliminating adherence
plastic refractories – air-binding or phosphate bond surface course layer for special applications
insulating concrete – castable or sprayable with low processing loss
Fields of application:

clinker cooler
satellite cooler – orifice, knee
burner/ spear
rotary furnace seal ring
furnace chamber
tertiary air duct
chain zone
cooler – air duct cyclones